Accuser- The Mastery- Profound Aggressive Thrash Metal

Accuser promo photoThere is no better way to start a new year, a new cycle other than listening to some brutal aggressive metal. With the hundreds of releases in 2017, some tracks are still fresh in our minds. As we eagerly wait for 2018 metal album releases we can only anticipate the sound of some bands’ new records. We must contain our excitement for the forthcoming releases, like Accuser’s album titled The Mastery. Legendary German thrash metal band will make waves with this intense release via Metal Blade Records on January 26th. The record stands it’s ground delivering what thrash metal bands must, ten tracks of pure adrenaline. There is an element which is added by German thrash metal bands and Accuser possesses that which is music coherence, great instrumentation, and the delivery of powerful chords and melodies.

The mosh pits in the arenas will be covered with dust as this band plays live, your music player will simply enjoy it self as The Mastery, by Accuser revolves continuously. The kick off track titled Mission: Missile”, has a punch to the throat riff that will floor you. The attack is imminent with this song, both guitars and drums are fast, and hungry as each note and hammering explode in your face. With Frank Thoms on vocals you can hear the aggression conveyed in each lyric. With cries for war this track is massive. Perhaps it talks about the bullshit we are living in current days with our leaders showing off their small genitals to one another, displaying power and fear, but who am I to say, draw your own conclusions. Listen to the message toward minute 2:49 “Too late now…” The track titled “Solace In Sorrow” has an apocalyptic riff in minute 1:00, with a speedy drum work by Olli Fechner, each guitar note encompasses the bass and vocals where Dennis Rybakowski delivers rhythm Frank Kimpel compliments it with a loud bass slap. You can hear the strings trembling releasing that pure metal sound. As for guitar solos this album has all your junkie metal head desires. Let’s face it there are those who live for solos and this tack alone has two magnificent very well composed solos, with pick sweep, hammering melody and accuracy. Hails Accuser, this is the album of the month in my books. If you like the sound of Destruction, RAM, Panzer, and Kreator; you will definitely rage to this composition.

The aggression thrash metal is meant to impose on your neck is defined in each track of The Mastery. Track titled “Catacombs”, is not an exception to a well written thrash metal. This furious track comes heavy since the get go, with striking guitar riffs, fret slides, tremolo and palm muted opened strings; the speed is immeasurable. Mid song you hear a killer bridge leading to a majestic guitar solo. Your head will roll off, as this is a relentless song with explosive drums and choruses. If you think the album slows down, you are wrong, mayhem continues with “Ruthless”, the beautiful cohesive track is powerful, delivers impact with each second is goes by. It certainly takes you back to classic bands from the 80’s, acts like Kreator, and Destruction come to mind amid all this chaos. Once you hear Olli Fechner slamming those drums, you will want to do the same and destroy all in your path. The Record will stand the test of time, classic thrash metal waves will be unleashed in this album and the world will know the power of this genre. So put on your spikes, leather and denim and wear your stripes of the kings that came before us and bow down to the god rock n roll. Thrash metal will reign once more.


Written By: Hostile Jo

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