Redefining Darkness Records & Testimony Records are proud to announce the follow-up to Sentient Horror’s critically acclaimed debut, Ungodly Forms

Redefining Darkness Records (U.S.)  & Testimony Records (Europe) are once again splitting the load and releasing the EP in various formats which all are available for PRESALE starting today.

Available Formats:

-12″ Splatter vinyl (*Europe Only)
-12″ Black Vinyl (Worldwide)
– CD in Jewel Case (Worldwide)
– CD Digipack w/ alternate artwork + 3 Exclusive bonus tracks from the bands early demos (U.S. Only)
– Digitally via iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Bandcamp, and more… (Worldwide)

1. Enter Crypts Below
2. Bled Dry By the Night
3. Hatchet Crimes
4. Hell Marked
5. Darkday (Edge of Sanity cover)

**Bonus tracks (US CD Digipack Version Only):
taken from “Sentience – Beyond the Curse of Death demo”
6. Beyond the Curse of Death
7. Dusk
8. Beneath a Bleeding Moon

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Follow Testimony Records (Europe):

Sentient Horror is:
Matt Moliti – lead guitar, vocals
Jon Lopez – rhythm guitar
Ian Jordan – bass
Ryan Cardoza – drums

Matt Moliti on The Crypts Below EP:
The idea for this EP was to go for the throat and never let up. The songs came out fast, brutal, and a little more complex than the material on Ungodly Forms. No leftovers or B sides here… these tunes are solid from front to back, and I believe this will serve as a an excellent bridge point between our debut and whatever we wind up doing on the 2nd full length. Covering Darkday was a blast. We’ve played it live a few times, and since Edge of Sanity is one of our biggest influences, it was an obvious choice for a cover.


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