Domgard- Mythology Mixed with Black Arts

SONY DSCWith controversy comes a great responsibility, and that is to release fierce Black Metal. Domgard, the Swedish evil purveyors have had a rough road in terms of band line ups, however Vindkall, guitarist, Synth and vocalist dare to continue with this maelstrom and conjured a fierce third album. They say third is the charm, let’s hope the band remains the same as their sound is dark and intense. Domgard released Odelagt on December 1st, via Carnal Records. This record has 12 malevolent tracks which will consume you from the inside. The black metal in this conjuring is evil, and filed with rage. If demons were to escape from hell this is what they would sound like. Let alone, all life will perish, leaving a dark empty planet. With melody and fury, track “Svartdjupets Lockelse” ravages across the music spectrum. Both guitars and drums create an ominous sound, paired with the synth giving a macabre atmosphere. If you are looking for demonic growls you will certainly find them in track “Tockenholjt”, with an insidious guitar riff, and relentless drums.

These guys practiced the black arts in an obscure forest in Gothenburg, Sweden and perfected their axes with each riff. The record is packed with tracks what will make you take a stroll under the pale moon, hiding in the shadows as you chant demonic verses. The melodies are astonishing, covering Germanic mythology, magic and custom. In a world where satan rules, these black metal purveyors are able to talk about magic, with the raw power giving it a background where all is painted. If you want some upbeat black metal, classic sounds, and chaos in your life with melodies you must check this band out. They have twelve songs that will elicit the darkest corners of your mind. Be ready to rage and hail the dark forces.


Written by: Hostile Jo


Vindkall – Guitars, synth & vocals
Mardröm – Guitars & vocals
Hrimner – Drums & vocals
Askr – Bass & vocals


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