Being the youngest of death metal sub-genres, technical death metal is eager to impress. It has become increasingly apparent that tech-death wants desperately to be
accepted by its older brother, death metal. In recent years, tech death has managed to win the heart of its older, far more experienced sibling. With the bond cemented, the two have united into an unstoppable, all-consuming force – churning out pit-riffs that are as brutal as they are consummate.

Within this camp exists Canada’s VILEDRIVER, a three-piece powerhouse of technical death. Unlike many bands of their ilk, these guys have taken the lessons learned from death metal, and expanded their reach by incorporating touches of progressive grind. Their clinical-yet-chaotic time signatures blend the best of both tech death and grind, yet never at the expense of catchy and memorable riffs.

This perfect blend of dissonance and melody is no better witnessed than their brand new, cranial-crushing album, Primary…


Pre OrderHERE
Release Date: December 15th 2017
1. Gnaw Your Tongue
2. Embedded In Stone
3. Gates of Horn and Ivory
4. Frightener
5. Gagrag
6. Fleemarkt
7. Your Religion Has Failed You

Produced by Steve Haines (Poseidon Recordings)
Mastered by Jamie King (The Basement Recording NC)
Artwork by Aaron Pozzer (Eikonic Design)


Facebook: /viledrivermetal
CDN Records Website:


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