Narcotic Wasteland- Resurrecting The Dead

Dallas-NW-620x349The minute you hear your heroes depart from a band you were a fan for decades, the world turns black. Then you hear that brutalizer conjured a new band and they destroy, you get the album and rage on. Dallas Toler-Wade is back in action, it did not take long after his departure from NILE, and this time he comes with even more decapitating tracks. From the relentless drums and savage guitar riffs we all know Dallas to create, Delirium Tremens is a masterpiece, one which has been unleashed to ravage your ears. In a nation plagued by addiction, there is a sound that can express either concerns, the addiction itself or the tragedy of it and that is death metal. With the extreme guitar work by Dallas Toller-Wade, Narcotic Wasteland is a monsters that will not be tamed. You hear the furious drums accompanying vicious attacks by the axe, while Dallas gores vocally, instilling euphoria, rage and adrenaline on you. Track “Introspective Nightmare” ravages since the introduction, it continues to destroy your ears with hammering drums (Phil Cancilla), and a versatile guitar (Ed Rhone). The song has killer harmonics, and rhythm guitar, at some point you hear black metal riffs, all elements perfected in this vicious track. The versatility of this album will have you asking for more brutality.

There is no way you can escape from the claws of this imminent sound. There is no lack of guitar solos as it is Dallas Toler- Wade who will floor you with his legendary skills. There is a debilitating track titled “We Agnostics”, that comes is strong with both the hammering on drums and infernal  guitar riffs. From hammering to fret sliding, you can hear each note perfectly clear. This is the metal Dallas Toler- Wade has created, one that will make you rage. In minute 1:40 you hear an intense riff, a bridge if I may for the excruciating guitar solo that follows. Yes, this is a demonstration of pure mayhem. Let’s face it there is no depth without a bassist, and Chris Dupre demonstrates his skills and darkness in each track of this album. The ensemble delivers a malignant sound, filled with rage, fast riffs and all the fucking death metal you want. Diving into drug related topics, (addictions) and so forth the musicianship of these guys is exquisite and depicts dark moments of helpless humans. Listen to the album, get ready for a debilitating sound and hail Narcotic Wasteland.

Dallas states, “Other than join the military, there was nothing to do but work low paying jobs and do drugs. Nothing to do but get in trouble, but music saved us from the otherwise depressing  round of existence, as there was not much of a positive outlet there other than music for Edwin, Chris, and I. Although hard drugs and death are sort of a main topic, it’s not the only topic. We as a band, do not want too many limitations on what we write about. On the first album there was a song about South Carolina’s most famous serial killer, and another song with an anti-organized religion message. Like I have said many times over the years, Iron Maiden doesn’t only write songs about iron maidens!  We are in the process of finishing up our second album right now, and the topic of drug use and death is still present, but we are also branching off a bit to talk about venomous human behavior, self reflection, and big pharmaceutical companies ruining lives for big profits.”

Written by: Hostile Jo


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