Narcotic Wasteland- Dallas Toler-Wade Brutal New band

Dallas-NW-620x349*New album, Delirium Tremens out now via Megaforce Records/MRI Order Here

*Delirium Tremens shines a spotlight on negative human behavior, again inspired by – but not entirely based on – our country’s addiction epidemic. Loosely inspired by the unstable drug culture present in their stomping grounds of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Delirium Tremens traverses an atmosphere of instability and toxicity that audibly manifests as a gritty, unrelenting, pulverizing extreme metal storm. On Delirium TremensNARCOTIC WASTELAND manages to create challenging music without losing a sense of meaning and vital emotional connection with the listener.
*Delirium Tremens was produced and mixed by NARCOTIC WASTELAND at Vegas View Recording and Dallas’ home studio. For recording and mixing, the band tapped Grammy award winning producer Neil Kernon at Auslander, with mastering by metal producer-elite Alan Douches at West West Side Music.
*NARCOTIC WASTELAND is: Dallas Toler-Wade (ex-Nile, guitar/vocals), Ed Rhone (guitar/vocals), Chris “Lutachrist” Dupre (bass/vocals), Phil Cancilla (drums)


Here is a taste of the demoralizing and decapitating track Faces of Meth by Narcotic Wasteland.

Here is our Review of this Album


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