Sentient Horror Pays Homage to Entombed

In honor of Ralph’s Diner’s (MA) 6th Annual Halloween Heavy Metal Covers Weekend, NJ’s finest, Sentient Horror, decided to pay tribute to Death Metal legends Entombed, choosing 6 songs from the bands seminal releases “Left Hand Path” and “Clandestine“.

The band are currently wrapping up the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut,”Ungoldy Forms“, entitled “The Crypts Below.” The artwork for the bands upcoming 5 song EP is being handled by none other than Spanish artist Juanjo Catellano (Revel in Flesh, Interment). “The Crypts Below” is tentatively scheduled for release on CD / Vinyl / Digital formats in Jan/Feb 2018 once again by Redefining Darkness Records (N.America) & Testimony Records (Europe). More details to come soon.


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