BURIAL IN THE SKY: Pennsylvania-based Atmospheric Tech-Death Group Premiere New Single “Tesla”

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania atmospheric technical death metal outfit Burial In The Sky quickly made a name for themselves off the strength of their highly praised 2016 debut album, Persistence Of Thought. Joining the core members on Persistence Of Thought was world class drummer Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth, ex-Abigail Williams).

After the release of Persistence Of Thought, Burial In The Sky added several new members including vocalist James Murphy, Bassist Zach Strous, and drummer Sam Stewart. Accompanied by founding guitarist/keyboard contributor James Tomedi.

You can check out “Tesla” HERE 

Burial In The Sky guitarist James Tomedi had this to say about “Tesla”

“Tesla” was created at a very pivotal moment for Burial In The Sky. It was reinvigorating to start writing with Sam, Zach, and Murph. They are some of the most talented musicians I know. Integrating them into the Burial In The Sky family was such an organic process. They helped breathe new life into the music and spark so much creativity. Collectively we have a very specific goal in mind. Come 2018 you can expect a full-length to go along with this single.”

Burial In The Sky – “Tesla Line-Up/Additional Credits
James Tomedi –  Guitars, keys
James Murphy – Vocals
Zach Strouse – Bass
Sam Stewart – Drums

Guitars, bass, and keys recorded by James Tomedi at BITStudio.
Drums recorded at Sine Studios in Philadelphia
Vocals recorded at Thorium Productions (St. Clair, PA)
Re-amping, mixing, and mastering done by Matt Crawford at Numbskull Audio Production, Cambridgeshire, UK
Cover art By Nathan Lee (Art of Nathan Lee)

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