NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, synonymous with quality extreme metal music, has partnered withSUBROSA to create the SUBROSA / NUCLEAR BLAST “Blast Beast 26” complete bike and “Blast Beast 24” double top tube frame!

The two brands have teamed up in the past with music for videos, and of course the SLAYER bikes, and this time we got together to create some awesome products to celebrate NUCLEAR BLAST’s 30th anniversary! These bikes were produced with the same quality and attention that SUBROSA is known for, but in extremely limited numbers to ensure that each fan receives not only a bad-ass ride, but a special piece of history.

Surf to the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel to witness the “Blast Beast” collaboration!

The SUBROSA / NUCLEAR BLAST “Blast Beast 26”complete bike will be limited to 30 bikes worldwide and will be offered for $666 which includes shipping in the US. Foreign orders will be required to pay the additional shipping costs.

The 26″ model includes:

  • Complete Bike
  • Number Plate
  • Pad Set
  • Exclusive Enamel Pin

The SUBROSA / NUCLEAR BLAST “Blast Beast 24” double top tube frame will be limited to 30frames worldwide and will be offered for $399.99 which includes shipping in the US. Foreign orders will be required to pay the additional shipping costs.

The 24″ model includes:


  • Frame


  • Exclusive Enamel Pin

For more information on both bikes or to place your order, please visit


SUBROSA – suhb roh-zuh: Meaning under the rose. Throughout history a rose hanging overhead was a symbol of secrecy and brotherhood. Whatever was spoken under a rose was to remain secret, sacred and SUBROSA. Our icon hangs high above our team and our fans. SUBROSA Brand began in 2006 as a collaboration between Ron Bonner and Ryan Sher. Ronnie’s background comes from a lifetime of BMX and creating brands such as UGP and The Shadow Conspiracy, while Ryan’s experience came from growing up BMX from racing to working in bike shops, to being a pro rider. The goal of the brand is to create complete bikes and products that are affordable, reliable, and have an attention to detail that make each piece high quality and hard to duplicate by other brands. We also use our brand as a way to spread the BMX lifestyle and attitude to the world.


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