Devil Driver, Superjoint and Friends Laid Down Powerful Riffs At The Whisky A Go Go

The Metal scene in California is becoming bigger as bands from other areas come and ravage stages like the one at The Whisky A Go Go. This legendary venue has been the home of some brutal metal shows. On Wednesday September 27th,  Devil Driver, King Parrot, Child Bite and Superjoint rocked this classic music venue and fans thrashed the scene.

DSC_0752Child Bite, a post/punk art rock band delivers funky sounds and frontman Shawn Knight wild performance on stage will blow your mind. Their electric sound will transcend across the venue as guitar (Brandon Sczomak) and bass (Sean Clancy) explode in your face. The bands electric energy will shock you as the band performs songs like “Born A hog” and others rampage the Whisky A Go Go. Their versatility with the instruments is immaculate and furious sounds will live on in fans minds, Child Bite is a band you must watch live and mosh to their punk sound.

DSC_0545King Parrot traveled across the world from Australia to bring their contagious brutal metal. These cats play with energy infecting all who stand before them, and mosh pits erupted  during their set. The bands lead singer Matthew Young is a fun character to watch on stage. This band has pure adrenaline which is powered by their aggressive grindcore metal. guitarists Ari White and Andrew Livingstone-Squires deliver a gruesome heavy sound. The band head bangs with the crowd, and bassist Slatts Slattz delivers heavy riffs. King Parrot join the crowd during each song, crowdsurfing and mashing on stage, a brutal force to witness live for sure. Their recent album Ugly Produce was released on September 22nd and you definitely need to get this one. Their Drummer Todd Hansen is a beast behind those drums and adds the explosive sounds that will make you lose your mind, hence the brutal pits.

DSC_0846Devildriver, has been delivering some heavy metal tunes representing California, and they are imminent on stage. Devildriver’s singer Dez Fafara has been sober for a year now, and he unleashes his vocals with a clear mind performing amazingly on stage. Guitarists Neal Tiemann and Michael Spreitzer shred to guitar solos and punish you with brutal riffs. The stage is small, as these guys’ presence is immense. The fans enjoyed each guitar riff and bass notes by Diego Ibarra and headbanged heavily, expecting the notorious whiplash that comes from a brutal metal show like this one. Drummer, Austin D’Amond beats on the drums relentlessly executing like the pro-metal master he is. The band covers the track “Sail”, by Awoltnation, giving it a metal feel that captivates your deepest emotions, and allows metal heads to rock out harder. Devildriver is representing the California metal scene, and with their constant touring, from Chicago Open Air, to other tours they are spreading the message of love, and metal. The band engaged the fans as they stepped on the side stage, at one point Michael Spreitzer enjoyed a beer from a giving fan, while shredding with his guitar. Dez Fafara reached out to the fans in the front row, fist pumping with some, and pointing at others who enjoyed this act’s metal. One thing is for sure, Devildriver, has the ability to uplift the spirits of metal heads and have them rocking relentlessly.

DSC_1015Superjoint went on stage, and with Philip Anselmo fronting the band they destroyed the stage. The band performed songs like “Destruction of A Person”, and “A**hole” and more. Kevin Bond, and Jimmy Bower are masters of aggressive heavy riffs and they play what the fans want to rage to. Meanwhile, the machine gun sound from behind bassist Steven Taylor, explodes as Joey Gonzalez hammers the drums with such a style and skill. Definitely, the one and only member who does not stop for a second, he completely floors any spectator. Steven Taylor adds such power to this band with his bass slapping, you can only imagine such notes played in a different world. However, he slays that bass and makes their sound harsh. Philip Anselmo up front sings with such power, his voice can pierce through your soul. The energy this band delivers on stage enables fans to rage and mosh without a care. Superjoint had amazing support from musicians like Childbite, King Parrot and Devildriver, a night filled with


Written by: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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