Deadcross- A Virulent Sound, Raping Your Hearing

deadcrossalbumHeaviness, brutality and weird abstract sounds is what you will get from Deadcross. A hint of punk, a touch of thrash and a brutal assault that resonates of SOAD. Yes System of A Down, think of the self titled album System of A Down, yes is unpredictable yet furious all at once. Mike Patton delivers a raw, sexy explosion of anger, while Dave Lombardo creates a catastrophic eruption of drum creativity. What are you waiting for? The aggressiveness of Slayer, the punk intensity of “BlackFlag” both in one, yes all aggressive melodies that will make your skin crawl. Mike Patton relives the tension in your brain with his melodic singing. The song “Obedience School” is intense followed by -“ Shillelagh” a cut throat song. This song has the vivaciousness of “Sugar”, with a modern touch. If you want yo crowd surf and bleed make sure you blast this song to 11. Just make sure you pee and it does not come out red hahaha. Halfway through the album you have a brutal song called “Divine Fifth”, with the style that will electrify you at each guitar riff, at each angry drum beat and roar by Mike, this song will captivate your soul. Yes, the lifeless carcass which you call body will jerk, will dance, will mash it will divinely thrash the stage and pit.

While “Pistolero” are the words on track “Grave Slave”, the fury in each note resonates heavily, as the tempo slows down, the song will make you pay. Rage will fill your veins,  and it will surely brake you. The sound created by Dead Cross will make your mind melt, as the riffs and speed gravitate toward the realm of brutality. Maelstrom of brutality, the creator of destruction is alive in the entire album, and melodies manufactured in songs like “Gag Reflex” will elicit your brain, persuade your body to crawl to the pit, and unleash the monster within. Yes, this track will bring you some doom metal riffs, yet you will succumb to the darkness it portrays, lyrically and musically. Yes, punk is an element of this band, but also heavy metal like brutal thrash metal. Let the band show you what they are all about,  their aggressive sound, their punk roots, they are all present in this intense album.


Written By: Hostile Jo






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