Abhorrent Decimation, Skins Your Soul with Their Brutal Tones

12inch_cover_3mm_right.epsExtreme death metal with a symphonic sound, rising from England, giving us all the death we seek for in each guitar strum, keyboard sounds, and drum explosion. Divinity at its best, it is what Abhorrent Decimation will plague your rotting life with raw guitar riffs, and demonic gory vocals, this band will eviscerate the living. The track “Heretic Sacrifice” off their album The Pardoner, is a load of death metal that will crucify your soul to the sinful wood. This track has aggressive riffs and slaughtering drums, accompanied by an intense lyrical abuse. Abhorrent Decimation will rip your spine out and attack your senses with an aggressive conspiracy. One of melodic, harmonic and dark synthetics. The end of this “Heretic Sacrifice” an orchestration that will blindly guide you to brutality, explosive drums and angry vocals. Ashley Scott is an angry soul who delivers skin peeling vocals accompanied by riffs by Ross Mclennan while Will Cooke synchronizes to the intense sounds of this death metal band. Death is the theme as we search for folklore background, yet the echoes of this brutal vocalist resonate beyond the grave. As death rhymes through out the selfish virulent story, guitars punish you with fingering notes, those which will make rhythms play a major sound in each conspicuous, fiendish creation. This record is a mutilation of the senses, your hearing will be blown away, your sight will be darkened and your speech will be muted by the atrocious sounds of Abhorrent Decimation.

The sounds which make your heart beat will raise hell, those sounds which are concealed will rise as darkness fall, and the track ‘Black Candle Gathering” is a track that will lighten up your days. Hail the mighty Abhorrent Decimation, as they unravel the element of power, the sense of depravity and the eternal light which will be dimmed deep in the darkness. This album is a butchering assault to the ear, an explosion and exhibition of aggressive metal which humans lust of. Hail the mighty lord of darkness, as “A Scythe In the Dark” rises, leaving an evil force behind. The patterns on each guitar and the hammering of each drum will make this band sound diabolical, therefore you must rage and sustain the evil which resurfaces within. Get your copy of this evil inhibiting force, as we lavish our ears with dark requiems that will elicit the deepest thoughts.


Written By: Hostile Jo


Ashley Scott – Vocals
David Archer – Bass
Ross McLennan – Guitars
Will Cooke – Guitars



Copyright ©2017 Rockbrary LLC , All Rights Reserved

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