NYN- Progressive Death Metal That Will Drag you Into Hell

As you descend to the fiery pits of hell, the temperature rises, the screams of toured souls hit your ears, you realized yes this just happened. When suddenly, you turn the corner into purgatory and see a record player with a disc, rotating and you hear chaos, roars, melodies, guitar pick sweeps and explosive drums; that is the sound of NYN’s newest album. The soundtrack to your doom, is playing as the shackles bind you to the hours of punishment to come, but satan does not realize yet, you are a fan.

nyn Entropy band photoNYN is a progressive death metal band with ex-members of Obscura and Fountainhead, they will deliver their relentless chaotic maelstrom in this titled album Entropy Of Chaos and Salt. The second track, “The Apory of Existence” levitates you with skillful guitar riffs, which include melody, and bridges that could possibly be solos themselves. The more you dig in to this album, the higher the blazing flames will rise. The track, “Omnipotence Paradox” has a ravaging tempo, its a tornado of riffs, and machine gun drums. The synthesizer in each track adds a stella atmosphere, while guitar one plays mind bending riffs, the second guitar delivers potent sounds too. This track has some clean singing, but it completes the impact it portrays at each sound wave projected toward you. The next mind warping song is “Rebirth: Rebuild, Advance, Redo”, with fingering faster than one can imagine, they deliver some amazing notes. This has gory vocals and backing it up are the double pedals destroying your body with each blast.

This album is packed with ravenous ambitious riffs, guitar solos for years to come and brutality only a metal head wishes to find in a prog. death metal album. From some very intricate guitar tapping, to quick and sudden pick sweeps, NYN delivers a distortion that is relentless in track “The Hallway”. The drums in this track will chop you limb by limb, as they are continuously hammered, with the fury of a titan. This drummer has a killer instinct, and executes with perfection each blast, adding a perplex rhythm to each track. Expect to have your soul awaken as the album closes with “Taken Away By The Ties”, a magnificent ending to a music vortex, that transports you to an alternative universe. This transcending sound will be released on August 11th, 2017 via Vmbrella Records. Make sure to pre-order your copy and be ready to be amazed.

Written by: Hostile Jo

Pre-orders for Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt are now live here:


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