Witch Vomit- Brutal Death Metal

witchvomitalbumPortland Oregon-based  death metal outfit, Witch Vomit, have exhumed the darkest sounds from the grave with their most recent release of Poisoned Blood out on June 30th 2017 via 20 Buck Spin. The brutal unison on guitars, drums, bass and gory vocals allows this band to create a decapitating sound. They have released a four track album and a solid introductory song that will floor you. If you are looking for raw, old school death metal this is the closest you will find in the modern metal world. The titled track “Doomed In The Realm of The Dead” is a catastrophic follow up song to their intro song. It is a hammering on the dead, and their chopping guitar riffs prepare you for a brutal barrage of pain. Classic death metal is in the groundworks again, and Witch Vomit are bringing their killing tools with them. 

WITCH_VOMIT_webThe potency of tracks like “Circle of Blood” is emanated during their vicious guitar attacks. As the raw, gut tearing vocals are directed towards you, the sounds and speed from the drums will reach out to you with violence. This is the music your parents warned you of, the eviscerating sounds the neighbors want to wake up to. The track “Accursed Temple of The Great Deceiver” is a relentless energetic attack. Classic technique is imposed in each drum blast, and the guitar team up with the bass to give that morbid metal wave. All together give you a solid ground to stomp, mosh and ravage to. This band knows how to deliver a great death metal album, and Poisoned Blood has all the elements of gruesome music. If you are a lover of torture, and visceral content make sure to check this album out now, via 20 Buck Spin.


Written By: Hostile Jo














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