Black Wizard, Keeping that Metal Wave Alive


The sound of rock and roll is being kept alive with the intensity and groovy riffs by Black Wizard on their 2016 album release of New Waste. The Canadian heavy metal act is bringing you a killer collection of riffs, with that stoner rock style. If you need to grab your bong, hit it hard and chill to some relaxing melodies pick up this album today. Each track in the album has that Black Sabbath tone, with a modern touch, something Tony Iommi would be proud to listen to. Bands like this one come around every half a decade, with Black Sabbath now retired perhaps is time to shine the light on this metal outfit. There is a riff in specific where we identified our high school years in the school bathroom smoking, and exchanging cd’s with our buddies and that was track “Laughing and Lost”. Not only is the music a compilation of influences by bands like Judas Priest Maiden and Sabbath; but the last riff is the catharsis to our headbanging. Each heavy drum sound will make you shake the cow webs off your headphones and instill a nostalgia, taking you back to the days when you saw Sabbath live. Another riff-tastic song that will have you playing air guitar is “Eliminator”, the fast groovy track is loaded with great singing and galloping bass lines. The composition of this record was skillfully mastered and if you do not see this band live, you might as well drop dead. Seriously. On that note, the entire album is a contract with the metal community, they need to write music year after year, this is the band we need in times when metal is evolving, to remind us of the roots.

Black Wizard is currently on tour and they are in companionship of Brant Bjork, Royal Thunder and these are the remaining dates to this groovy leg.

Written By: Hostile Jo


BLACK WIZARD w/ Brant Bjork, Royal Thunder [remaining dates]:

4/25/2017 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
4/26/2017 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
4/27/2017 Barracuda – Austin, TX
4/28/2017 Gas Monkey – Dallas, TX
4/29/2017 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
4/30/2017 Club Red – Mesa, AZ
5/01/2017 Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA

Here is a track if you need further evidence to see the band live.

Black WizardNew Waste– “Final Ripper”

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