VOLKER French Powerful Rock n Roll, With a Touch of Evil

VOLKER7_2017The voice of an angel will not be heard on Volker’s upcoming album, as they are the new voice of French heavy metal. Their upcoming release, Dead Doll, will hit the stores in North America on May 26, 2017 via Overpowered Records / ASIA/RED distribution. Their sound is heavy, with touches of punk riffs and heavy metal licks. The 11 track album will give you something to talk about, as you listen to it you’ll get a rush of adrenaline. The album kicks off with track titled “Freaky Bride”, a complex horrific track, with harmony and aggressive vocals by Jen Nyx. In this track you can definitely hear influences of early punk bands like STP and some rock bands like Guns N Roses. The screams by this seductive singer ( Jen Nyx) will make you headbang, and fear her persona on stage. You can hear her energy projected in every raspy scream and rock and roll melody she adds to every song. The band came together in 2014, with John Aupiex on drums, you can hear him hammering away on the track titled “Obey”. A kicking song, that blends horror hymns, clean singing and explosive riffs.

Who is behind the creative sounds of Dead Doll? Guitarist Ulrich Wegrich has a plethora of rhythmic licks. This man is the composer of the tunes that bring you horror flicks inspired tracks and stories of sorcery and darkness. The talent spewing out of this creative composer is set in stone on this catchy album. Simply listen to the track “Negative Waves”, it has a melancholic riff, and their various sounds are imminent. Sounds of metal, punk rock and horror are what will be projected at you with this track. The harmony of this track will have you dancing with the dead. Emmanuel Pliszke on bass give the many different layers of sound depth, and definition on this new album.  He showcases a rhythmic agility on track “Suicide Love Addict Feat Arno Strobi”, this track is upbeat and mixes horror rock and punk to create a heavy tune depicting macabre scenes. The entire album is full of sounds that will capture your soul and unleash the madness inside. If you are a lover of early punk bands, enjoy a blend of punk rock, rock n roll and heavy metal this is the band you need to check out. The ensemble conjured a rhythmic intense record and VOLKER will definitely reanimate those who are slowly fading.

Stay tuned for more tracks and other exclusive material to be premiered prior to the release of Dead Doll.

Dead Doll track listing:
1.       Freaky Bride
2.       Obey!
3.       Negative Waves
4.       Suicide Love Addict
5.       Black Sunday
6.       Yell
7.       Voodoo Baby
8.       In Black And White
9.       Would You Play With Me
10.   It Summons Me To Follow
11.   Raven
12.   Yell (CNX Remix)
13.   Obey! (Strugg Remix – North American exclusive bonus track)

In the mean time here is a video of their new track -“Obey”

VOLKER Online:


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