LIV SIN: Talks Influences, heaviness of their sound and future tours.

Liv Sin - Follow MeLiv “Sin” Jagrell has a new band, LIV SIN, and they are releasing a new album on April 28th, here is what Liv had to tell us about the new sound, band and future tours-

Hostile Jo- “ Sister Sin is no more, and Liv Sin is taking names and kicking ass, the first track off the upcoming Follow Me, is “The Fall” and the powerful guitars and strong vocals kick you in the face since the beginning. What are some influences on this new sound?

LIV SIN- “When i decided to continue with music, I did not want another Sister Sin, without the other members it is no longer Sister Sin. I wanted to try heavier music, as I do listen to more modern heavy metal like Amon Amarth, Arch Enery and Children of Bodom. So i wanted to have heavy guitar driven songs.”

HJ- “What genres of metal were you aiming for?”

LS“I do listen to black metal from time to time, Dimmu Borgir is one of my favorites and I wanted to have elements of some of those notes, as well as thrash metal you can definitely hear that in our album.”

HJ“The sound is very modern with elements of thrash, death and black metal, with a predominant death metal scene at least in the States, the younger fans are driven to listen to them. What in you said “I want to play this style?” or what made you go for it?”

LS “I followed my heart with this one, was not sure if it was a good or bad thing, but i always wanted to play heavier metal than what i was doing with Sister Sin. A lot of people approached me soon after the unfortunate break up of Sister Sin to do projects with them, but they were either too poppy or industrial. At first you say yes to almost all of those opportunities but at the end of they day you seat down and realize you want to do something different. I sat down and started thinking what am I best at. I am a good metal singer, that is my strength and you focus on what those are. I am definitely not a good pop singer. I went straight with some basic heavy metal with those other elements.”

HJ- “What are some of those influences, in the vocal department?”

LS- “Vocally I have to say Rob Halford, I would think, how would Rob scream in this line? What melody would he add from line to line. However, as a front persona, Dee Snider is my favorite. It doesn’t matter how he sings on stage, his energy makes him one of the best performers out there. Off the metal scope I would say Lita Frankling, melody is very important for me.”

HJ- “How did you get in touch with Despotz Records?”

LS- “Well at the time when Sister Sin was active, Despotz Records was interested in signing us, however our break up came sooner than a deal. We did seat down to talk once but that is as far as that went. I remembered when It came to look for a record label, I immediately thought of Despotz Records. My manager contacted them and they sent the contract the same day. Ever since we have been working hard.”Liv Sin

HJ “What is the recording process, do you and the guys get in the studio back to back?”

LS– “A lot of the time we all do separate recordings, since we are a smaller band we all have jobs and we record during our free time. I was in Germany recording vocals with the drummer (Per Bjelovuk) on evenings after work. Sometimes we stopped by and say hi. With Sister Sin we had a studio for months, and we were all there. It gets too nerve wrecking, at least to me. You have the guys there distracting you being loud, adds more pressure and I tend to forget lyrics. With Stefan there it was less stressful, it was quiet and calm, that makes it easier for me to sing. We were at the studio from 1 1/2 hours to 2 then make dinner and relaxed each day. Event though Stephan pushed me a lot, I am not a one take singer, I forget lines he pushed me to get it done, and drew more metal out of me which brings you Follow Me.”

HJ‘When you decided to continue your music career, did you have anyone in mind to build this metal band?

LS- “Well we did do auditions, but the easiest decision was the drummer (name) who is my boyfriend, he kind of didn’t have much choice. He was excited! The hardest part was knowing so many great talented musicians here in Stockton, but most of them are already playing in bands, I looked to see who I could steal but i realized that wasn’t to nice. The next choice was Patrick, he is a best friends husband, who plays rock n roll punk, so i sent him a sampler and he replied with great feedback and the first track which is on the album. I knew then he was part of this band.

The hardest time was with the lead guitarist and bassist, bassist are always so fucking hard. I found Chris via Instagram, he posted multiple videos of him playing black metal and some Yngwie Malmsteen, we called him and he was interested, that was thanks to social media. The bass player on the other hand was harder, specially because they are all taken, but the band Hardcore Superstar a band from Stockton suggested their crew guy, we gave him a try, but he knows how it all works out on tour. It was a lengthy process indeed. The band is full of energy and hungry to go out on the road.”

HJ “Any Advice you want to give any upcoming recording artists?”

“If you try to make it in the industry, be a touring artists. Be prepared, it’s a lot of work. You are making a lot of sacrifices, you will miss weddings, birthdays and your family has to be supportive or you will be disappointed. If this is the thing that is burning inside you follow it until the end, Some people get depressed because they are not enjoying the jobs, but you have to follow what you love.”

The sound Liv Sin was talking about, a modern heavy metal one will be heard worldwide on April 28th, they are also planning for a late fall tour in support of this record across Europe. In the meantime they will start their European summer fest on the day of their album release vis Despotz Records.

Interviewed by: Hostile Jo

LIV SIN’s upcoming album will be released on April 28, 2017 via Despotz Records and they will be touring Europe this summer. Check back and make sure to get your copy of this heavy metal record and catch them live.


Liv Sin – Lead vocals
Patrick Ankermark – Guitars
Chris Bertzell – Guitars
Tommie Winther – Bass
Per Bjelovuk – Drums


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