Craven Idol- The Shackles of Mammon; A Vicious Blackened Thrash Metal Creation

The sounds of old school blackened thrash metal will pervade your ears as you amplify the sound on your speakers and let Craven Idol blast their grotesque sounds. Yes, a few weeks before the band releases their second full-length Craven Idol has unleashed another track from The Shackles of Mammon. This record has vital sign of a monster, their guitar riffs are brutal, and the hammering on drums (Heretic Blades) are explosions from nuclear bombs that will floor you. The vocals are projected with malefaction as each bass (Suspiral) line gives depth to tracks like “The Trudge”, a slow yet heavy tune. This song has power in it, with amazing guitar work by Vrath, and Obscenitor, who compose some macabre sounds building up to a fast tempo second half of the track. It speeds up, giving life to a gruesome scene.JL_CravenIdol_2ndDrafts-3

A relentless aggressive machine is what this band is, Craven Idol will suck you into the vortex of non stop violence, leaving you asking for more. With some punk elements, the thrash metal is blackened with ferocious speed, and heavier tones on both guitars and bass, while the vocals of that rabid demon are unleashed on track titled “Dashed To Death”, the title is self explanatory to what this son talks about. A vicious attack, with that attack come a great guitar solo, with killer drumming in the background, a moshpit starter for sure. The above songs I’m talking are half way through the record, as I like to see the content after the hook, the album shreds. This record is pure evil, with insane guitar solos, like the one on track “Mammon Est”, a throat puncher since the start, will leave you gasping for air as you intake the riffs, the melody, the catastrophic sound in each megabytes. This song has a marvelous guitar bridge, one you can find in songs by bands like Dissection, and some classic black metal bands. The elements of black metal are truly imminent in this song, they will leave you craving more riffs. As that song ends, “Crave” explodes in your face with an intense tremolo riff, followed by an ominous riff, and the song grows fonder as it continues to play.

There is no room for breathing, this band has composed a brutal album titled Shackles of Mammon, which will be out on April 14th, via Dark Descent Records. Make sure to preorder your copy here.

Written By: Hostile Jo

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