Cadaver Disposal- A Dooms Day Message

Band1The congregation of dark souls has unleashed forces that will ravage the pure and instill evil in their black empty souls. Cadaver Disposal, is the creation by members of Belphegor, Majesty and Final Depravity. If you love the beauty of doom, you will fall before the upcoming masters of disaster. Cadaver Disposal has created an ascending of pure evil, with the clear message our humanity can relate to now, obey the ancient orders. Mankind has ravage the earth, and depleted forests, raping and desiccating vast lands creating a doom day. The gods have given this vision to man, as they disobey the laws handed down to their ancestors. In their upcoming album titled Transformatio Mundi, Cadaver Disposal explains what that vision is, accompanied with some brutal sounds.

The full-length album will be unleashed on April 28th, 2017 and with hopes to awaken the dead human vial with brutal songs like “What Must Never Be Forgotten”, a track that ravages with insane guitar work by Dennis “Blaze” Baron. The song has a brutal guitar riff that will be followed by some gory vocals by Stefan Meyerhoff, his projected voice allures all who listen to it. The drum work is blasphemous, impacting your ears with grenade like sounds, explosions that will decapitate your body. If you want to hear some intense death metal make sure to check out the track titled Divine Delectation, enjoy the sounds of this magnificent atrocious song. It starts up with a super sludgy riff, which builds up to a maelstrom of a track. The palm gutted riffs are cannons, and the deep gory vocals will exert the demons from within. This track has an Obituary style, as it resonates with each pounding of the drums and mild breakdown, in a death metal style, not a death core at all. The guitar solo in this track is perplex, with an ambitious guitar pick sweep bleeding into the heavy riff once more. Mid album you will hear a very intense and melodic instrumental track, this song is a great mid point for you to recollect your shit and get back into the headbanging. It will give you some time to gather your thoughts and prepare yourself for the upcoming head smashing tracks to be thrown at your carcass. The titled track “An Infinite Dream Ascending” is pure guitar agility, drum creativity and a destructive force one must embrace.

The entire album is a masterpiece, a quantum of malice, decimating those who dare listen to this atrocious sound! Be ready to rage!!

Artwork by: Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Kreator, Belphegor)

Written By: Hostile Jo


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