X.Kernel To Release Debut Album on April 7th

xkernelcoverToday we’re very pleased to be able to announce that we’ll be working with X.Kernel to promote their wonderful debut album, Face The Truth, which will be released on April 7th by Cimmerian Shade Recordings. Hailing from Kiev, in the Ukraine, X.Kernel were born from a love of the sounds of the great Gothenburg melodic death metal scene – the robustly heavy yet intensely melodic music of Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Soilwork and their compatriots. It wasn’t long however, before the blossoming talents within the ranks of X.Kernel began to put their own individual stamp on the songs they were creating. Their influences became a springboard to send the band spinning off into a dark, emotive world of their own making.

A self released EP, Kingdom Of Pain, appeared in 2013, giving a first taste of what X.Kernel were capable of and now – after several line-up changes and four years of hard work – we have the full realisation of the X.Kernel vision. Face The Truth is here… Once the gates to this twilight kingdom have been thrown open there is no turning back and an exhilarating journey through the shadows begins. Guitar leads spiral upwards through rich, dark riffs, while keyboards scatter starlight across a sombre sky full of purple thunderclouds, propelled through the night by the mountainous bass and drums. The vocals combine soaring, emotive singing with savage snarls and bestial roars and everything is infused with a spirit of musical adventure and powerful emotion.

By combining a mastery of established forms with a fresh and expansive outlook, marrying depth and emotion to technical skill and adorning their work with imagination and a sense of adventure, X.Kernel have forged an album that will capture hearts, minds and souls with its arrival on the field of battle.

Dutch webzine Lords Of Metal are currently hosting a video teaser for Face The Truth and a link to listen to standout track ‘Kingdom Of Pain’ – http://www.lordsofmetal.nl/nl/streams/view/id/556





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