Gra- Osculum Obsenum Premier



 This is a cover song of Lord Belial’s “Osculum Obsenum”- which will be included in the upcoming CD single,  Ramsvarta Tankar  ! Rage on to it!! 


Grá was founded in 2010 by Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Cursed 13, ex-Domgård) and Dimman (Spazmosity, Cursed 13, When Nothing Remains) and have since released two albums, two EPs, a digital single, several videos and have a reputation as a fierce and breathtaking live band. The name Grá comes from a mixture of the Icelandic “grár” and the Swedish “grå”, simply meaning “gray.”
Heljarmadr – Vocals
Dimman – Drums
Maugrim – Guitars
Natt – Guitars
Vediger – Bass
Grá – Helfärd EP (2010 SonicDeath Armageddon Records)
Grá – Grá CD (2011 Unexploded Records)
Grá – Necrology of the Witch EP (2013 Unexploded Records)
Grá – Where Shadows Dwell DIGITAL SINGLE (2014 Unexploded Records)
Grá – Split w Gnosis of the Witch 7″ SINGLE (2015 Iron Bonehead Productions)
Grá – Ending CD/LP (2015 Unexploded Records)
Grá – Ramsvarta Tankar CDSINGLE (2017 Carnal Records)

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