Hideous Divinity: Adveniens- A Sonorian Death Metal Rendition

totale_1WEBRESA teutonic sound, with depth that mimics one thousand nuclear explosions is what Hideous Divinity have bred. The Italian death metal transgressors will unleash their vicious attack titled Adveniens, via Unique Leader Records this coming Spring. The virility of this album is expressed in each track. a hammering of drums that does not stop. The record was mixed and mastered at Stefano Morabito’s 16th Cellar Studios, during the Autumn of 2016.

Former members of Hours of Penance and Aborted have teamed up to create what is a divine gory sound, filled with heavy machine gun drums and atrocious guitar riffs that will make your head spin. The wave of obscure death metal is at it’s peak and this band will contribute to that library in the history of death metal with this remarkable record. The first track titled “Ages Die” is a punch to the throat since the second it starts, it will leave you asking for more gruesome sounds. There is no room for breathing, as titled song “Sub Specie Aeternitatis” builds up to be a maelstrom, ravaging all that stands before them. The demonic vocals are rhythmically synchronized with the furious tremolo on guitars, and instill rage and dire need to mosh. Another ambitious track that will floor you from the get go, is “Angel of Revolution”. If you are looking for some brutal riffs and war zone cannons make sure to check this track out. The drums are masterfully hammered, double bass pedal, speedy blasts and astonishing guitar riffs. The song has power, speed and darkness in the entire 5:52 minutes; the guitar solo is a combination of both guitarists punishing the fret board with their agility and virtuosity metal requires.

The vital technicality imposed on this album strikes your ears with each meticulously written music note. The lyrics are torturous, rendering your brain to turn into pulp as each second passes by. The embodiment of evil is inscribed in each melody, each riff and vocal projections are malignant and palpable.  The second to last track titled “Future in Red” has a vicious and striking sequence of drums, with perpetual bass lines to give depth to this vile track. As the track continuos the guitar kicks in with a heavy palm muted riff in the slow section of this tune. This track exits with a slow in tempo, yet giving all heaviness this death metal band can conjure. This record is a must in your collection of face melting death metal, make sure to order your copy here.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

This is what the band has to offer in their own words:

“It may be pretentious to talk about evolution inside our musical genre, this is what Adveniens truly means for us,” elaborates guitarist Enrico Schettino. “Just when we believed that with Cobra Verde we reached a point of no return, our songwriting turned even more dark and monumental. Although we’ll never consider ourselves close to Lucyfyre, Adversarial, Deathspell Omega, and Akhlys, the influence of this new wave of obscure metal on us these last years has been massive. The result is our most epic death metal effort ever conceived. ”

“Stefano Morabito and his 16th Cellar Studios set up a new standard with the production of Adveniens,” he continues. “Never before has our sound reached such a level of uncompromising intensity without sounding forced or overproduced. The maniacal efforts made to perfect every single drum beat, vocal line and guitar chord almost caused a nervous breakdown but it truly paid off.”

“The entire album is a reflection on history and time, on the succession of futile ages, on the role of the poet as soothsayer and witness of the winds of time erasing each one of these ages from the face of the earth. A reflection on Walter Benjamin predicting the ‘adveniens’ of David Cronenberg, on Professor O’Blivion predicting an era when ‘all of us will have special names.’ Adveniens is a violent reflection on art.”





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