Foetal Juice: A Decade of Brain Smashing Tones

The rage, anger and brutal musicianship skills are perfectly recorded in one album by a band from the UK, they are known as Foetal Juice. Do not let the juicy name fool you, the only fluid execrated from this record is the blood of demons. This grotesque compilations of brutal guitar riffs is not for the faint hearted. Adrenaline will kick in at maximum, as the track “Dutch Oven” rips your intestines out with the hammering of drums ( Robert Harris) and riffs (Ryan Whittake). This track will make you headbang until your head falls off. This track is a rabid animal, unleashing fury for approximately four minutes. You will only be punished if you dare to continue listening to the following song titled “Phantom Visions”, a ghastly malefaction conveying all evil within. The bass, by Ben Read,   is imminent in this track, you can hear it rhythmically echoing, letting its presence known.

foetal-juice-bloodstockFoetal Juice are extreme to the core, ravaging empty bodies in the underground realm for over ten years. Their infatuation with gore, depravation and extreme music is clearly engraved on this album titled Masters of Absurdity, as Grindscene Records made it happen for them. A violent execration of sound waves will be projected at your vile ears on track titled “The Leachate King”, it has that Cannibal Corpse feel, from the ferocious drums to the blistering guitar monstrosities. The vocals are the sound of a venomous demon, ready to chew your head off with ravenous impulse. The track is a short 2 minutes and 35 seconds, but it feels like a long bludgeoning assault to your spine. The album is a sequence of aggressive sounds, and the rage one simply needs to smash some grey matter out of the vile human race. Now, now, do not go out on a killing spree, leave that to your imagination, simply rage on as you play this extreme death metal masterpiece. These guys have no dead end, they will mutilate your soul with each guitar slide, bass line and double bass pedal as Sam Read projects virulent words. It is inevitable, as the urge to kill intensifies during the playback of this fatal album; make sure you get your copy; simply follow the links below and rage on. 


Album Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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Foetal Juice- Masters of Absurdity- “The Leachate King”


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