Suicide Silence Evolved As Musicians

dsc_0734The evolution of an artist as a human being will bring changes to their style, as their minds expand and become more coherent. The musicianship of a band is important during the creative process, which will further the bands success or demolish their existence. That is why it is imperative that those who enjoy a musician’s art take into consideration the hardship it takes to write music that sways the masses, and the band enjoy playing. So on that note, Suicide Silence went on a different route with their latest self titled album and included clean singing, something that perhaps was bound to happen, and the fans went ape shit. Now, long time fans did not like the change, and that is their sole right to dislike anything and voice their opinion. Nonetheless, it will not change the fact the Suicide Silence completely destroyed their live set last night at the Observatory in Orange County.

Suicide Silence made a courages move and changed their singing to a more mass appealing tone; clean vocals. The Show in Santa Ana was a personal one, the band went on stage and poured their souls out rocking that dim lit night. Eddie Hermida came strong as the band started the show with their much talked about song “Doris”, and the fans loved it. You can see Mark Heylum on stage rocking his ESP guitar and shredding away during tracks like “No Pity” and “Silence”. Meanwhile Daniel Kenny headbang to a killer set, one that pumped up the fans and made the pit a violent one. The clean vocals came in on the live track “Doris”, as the pit mellowed down, only to explode with force as the song progressed. Suicide Silence sounded tight, their chemistry on stage was relentless and the fans felt that positive vibe projected towards them. The fans reciprocated with their brutal jumping as Alex Lopez started the breakdown with the powerful drums, the crowd surfing unleashed. During such brutal demonstration,  Eddie helped a fan by pulling him up on stage while Chris Garza rolled on the floor feeling the vibes from his own band and playing depravities to the fans that appreciate his sound. It only inspired other lovers of the famous crowd surf to do it all night long, headbang  relentlessly and mosh.dsc_0562

The brutal show was followed by a fan meet and greet, where the multitude gathered in the lobby. Eddie and the rest of Suicide Silence thanked all their fans for attending their show and their strong support. DJ Chocolate would soon after play the new self titled record in its entirety. Prior to that he spun some pretty cool beats to keep the crowd wildly entertained. The merchandise booth was packed as fans gathered to get their Suicide Silence gear, the real fans at least. With all those bad reviews from fans and other web opinionated fellows, Suicide Silence went on stage regardless and did what they know best, conveyed that breakdown hard metal they have created.

Show Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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