Texture- Official Guitar Playthrough

It’s exactly one year since the release of TEXTURES‘ fifth studio album Phenotype. The record was released via Nuclear Blast Records on February 2016 and was acclaimed worldwide as one of the best progressive metal releases of that year. The band celebrates the 1st anniversary of this album by releasing a guitar playthrough video for the song “Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand” made by guitarist Joe Tal.

Joe Tal states: “It’s been a long while since we released a guitar playthrough video, it’s about time! To me this song represents the essence of the music of TEXTURES; poly-rhythms, groove, a big epic chorus, tempo changes and Thrash metal style riffs. It’s all there! Big thanks to fine people at Ibanez guitars.”

Order Phenotype now: http://nblast.de/TexturesPhenotypeNB
Get it digitally here: http://nblast.de/TexturesDownloads

More on Phenotype:
“Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand”OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO:
“Illuminate The Trail” OFFICIAL TRACK:

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