Solitary-A Thrash Metal Pact

coverAs I search for the pandora box, or perhaps the holy grail I have encountered many souls, giving beings who create mesmerizing music. One of those bands is Solitary, their sound is magnificent. Straight thrash metal, with a Swedish sound of bands like The Haunted, some Slayer and the creative Testament. Do you like neck breaking drum sequences and shredding guitar solos well Solitary has that and more. Their aggression projected on their new album The Diseased Heart of Society is a revolt to societies bullshit. The only challenge here is for you to keep up with the massive attack, pain inflection given by these four dudes. Richard Sherrington is a beast on guitars and his vocals remind you of Mille Petrozza from Kreator, raw, angry and with great rhythm.

Each album deserves a great bait track. The first track “Blackened Skies /Wait” has a very soothing introduction, just like all skillful guitarist these guys have amazing melody. The track builds up in minute 1:00 it destroys your mind with a heavy palm muted riffs and constant powerful drums (Roy Miller) only to speed up 39 seconds later giving you a speedy riff and raw vocals. This song reminds you of The Haunted’s tracks like “D.O.A” and others to remained focused on Solitary. This is a brutal song giving you raw power.  Another track that will blow your mind is “Architects of Shame” the bass  by Pete Hewitt is prominent giving depth to the lead riffs by Andy Mellor. The album is packed with neck breaking tracks, and their undeniable allegiance to thrash metal has been set in stone with this record. It has fortified their road on this foggy metal world, perhaps it’s the smoke but this band has high beams and will blind you out of no where with a blow to the throat.  The album was produced by extraordinaire Simon Efemey ( Amorphis, Paradise Lost Napalm Death etc.)The violence is waiting for you in this album to be released on March 3rd, 2017 via UKEM.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo



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