Across The Burning Sky- Talks Ideal tours, supporting bands and the metal scene

acrosstheburningsky-nopicWe had the chance to chat with the guys from Across The Burning Sky, this is what they had to say.

How are you? Thank you very much for this interview and the great and kind words to our album in your review. Let’s start by answering your questions.

1.The record The End Is Near is a melodic death metal packed masterpiece, what bands do you guys derive inspiration form?

Across The Burning Sky- “We have been active in the scene for so long, both as fans and as musicians, that this question is not easy to answer. Apart from our own musical activity in the last 20 years, there are countless bands, probably hundreds of bands that inspired us. Our influences come from the combined metal history. In the last years mostly from Thrash, Death and partly also Black Metal. When you listen to our album, there is of course no point in denying that our musical roots are mainly in the Melodic Death Metal of the nineties. The sound, which is often described as „Gothenburg style”. From these times mainly mainly the early tunes of bands such as Dark Tranquility, Unanimated, At The Gates, Cardinal Sin or In Flames (and hundred other bands from this period) has inspired us.”

2.Being in many other bands, what motivated you guys to come together and write this magnificent sound?

ATBS- “It was above all a personal need to go back to our roots and play some songs of this style. We had originally not planned to record or even release a whole album. Across The Burning Sky has its origin in a kind of jam session in my hobby cellar. We had basically finished our musical career, at least we thought that 🙂 But then that was a lot of fun, we had one idea after another, and finally a big stack of riffs and melodies and finally these songs were created. Finally, we wanted to publish the whole thing somehow and thought about an account on bandcamp or a digital distribution via iTunes and Spotify. When we then surprisingly got the offer of MDD Records, the disaster took its run :)”

3. The track titled -“The End is Near” reminds me of the band At The Gates, were you influenced by their sound?

ATBS- “As mentioned earlier, At The Gates are, of course, part of our influences. We have grown up at this time and with these bands. “Slaughter of the Soul” was of course one of the groundbreaking albums of this time. Even if we do not explicitly emulate At The Gates, they have certainly influenced us consciously or unconsciously.  Just like all the other bands and albums of this style in the mid-nineties.”

4.What was the recording process for this album, in the studio and was there any writing outside of the studio?

ATBS- “-“The End Is Near” was completely recorded and produced in my hobby cellar, which has gradually turned into a small studio. At the beginning, we just wanted to record the ideas from our Jam-Sessions. We did not have a idea how it would go at the end.  but we had the technical options, so we did it. A few months later, we had so much material recorded, that an extra studio stay was no longer necessary. We still had not the claim to publish it on a label. For our demo purposes, that was enough. But it grew more and more and it finally ended up in what was now published as “The End Is Near”. The entire process has evolved over 1-2 years as if by itself.”

5. What track was the most challenging to record? Why?

ATBS- “The first three songs we worked on together (Sacrifice, Demons Rising, The End) were by far the biggest challenge. The reason is simply explained: Although we as musicians in our past have already recorded some albums and demos, but always “only” as a musician. We never sat alone behind the controllers. We basically had no experience of mixing or mastering. But we got many tips and tricks from friends and acquaintances. Especially Pluto from MegaWimpSound played a big part, and we have learned a lot. After the basis for the first songs was created and we also dealt with the Mix software in detail, it was easier to record the remaining songs since the process was largely identical. Guitars, drums, bass, vocals. A classic line up, without experiments. We played, we recorded. We decided that it was good. We wanted to make it as natural and simple as possible and I believe we did. Of course, there are many things that we would do differently and better now. The learning curve was simply enormous. I think we will benefit from these experience on our next album :-)”

6. What do you envision the end being like?

ATBS- “You mean “the end”? The end of the world? The end of mankind? Well, although not all the songs on the album have this topic, i think the end will be exactly as our album sounds. Gloomy. Full of desperation. Rough, Apocalyptic yet defiant. With a touch of melancholy, but all in all destructive and powerful. In my view of the end “The End Is Near” would definitely be the right soundtrack.”

7. What countries do you plan on touring in support of this album?

ATBS- “At the moment we have no plans for tours or live shows. We have played tons of live shows in our past. We had our 15 minutes of fame. We had a lot of fun. As we start once writing these songs, we did this particularly for us. We did not originally seen the need to ever play live. But if we will get interesting offers, maybe we think about. If we got an interesting festival offer, we will think about it for sure. But we are old men and we all have families and a private life apart from the music business, so at the moment we can not assume to play small gigs over and over again through the country for a crate of beer or something like this. But never say never :-)”

8. The classic melodic death metal is evident in each track, will next album remain loyal to its roots of the late 1990’s melodic death metal?

ATBS- “For sure. This is exactly the kind of music we wanted and want to play. Even if it is not yet determined whether there will be a second album, but if so, then it will be mainly one: 100% Melodic Death Metal. There will not be anything else under the name “Across The Burning Sky“. These are our roots, that is our musical home and will remain.”

9. What bands would you like to join on tour?

ATBS- “I think a very interesting story would be to tour with other bands of our label. MDD has really cool bands under contract. Between Ctulu and Thormesis would be a good musical spot. Even if these two are more likely to be attributed to Black Metal, this would be a very good mix for the audience. It would definitely be more interesting as three almost identical bands, or in the other case three bands, which have no stylistic crossing points at all. But Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, so we would not say „no“ to a tour with Bands like Testament, Amon Amarth or Hypocrisy :-)”

10. What festival is your ideal one to perform at?

ATBS- “We personally like festivals with a family flair, where you have the opportunity to have a beer with the organizer, other bands and visitors. In the case of large festivas, this is hardly possible for organizational reasons. It is also easier to play for a smaller horde of enthusiastic freaks than on big stages in front of a mixed mainstream audience. Therefore a smaller festival with a specific Audience would be better suited. Sure, every musician dreams of a show in front of a crowd like Wacken, but I think smaller festivals would rather be our cup of tea :-)”

11. What do you think is happening to the metal community? Do you feel a newer generation will take over or will metal slowly die?

ATBS- “Metal never die! You just have to keep in mind the history of metal. Lets start in the early 70s with ACDC, Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. At any time since then new bands have grown up and have kept Metal alive with fresh blood. At any time, subsequent bands were mostly teenagers.  Metallica, Slayer, Testament in the 80s.

The whole Scandinavian bands in the nineties. Go to a metal festival today. You’ll find a bunch of teenagers everywhere, next to the older ones. Even on shows from old bands like Black Sabbath on their tour two years ago, there were 15, 16, 17 year old kids. And not because they have accompanied their senile parents – haha. Metal has now become a cross-generational phenomenon. In addition to the old ones, the influx of young audiences has never faded. No matter how often you thought the metal was dead in the past. And the younger ones also cultivate the traditions and listen to the bands of the early days. Of course there are many new styles and that is also okay. But hey – I’ve seen kids in Sabbath, Priest and Maiden T-Shirts last year – I’m sure metal will not die so fast. There are still ever-growing and countless new underground bands, numerous debut albums and an active scene at magazines, blogs, radio stations and organizers. I think there will be no “takeover” of a new generation, but a common living, side by side. When the elders cease, the younger will continue their inheritance.”

Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us about your band and sound.  Let us know what keeps driving you to make creative melodic death metal.

ATBS- “We have to thank you for giving us the opportunity to answer your questions. And thank you for all your work, that keeps the metal scene and the spirit alive! This is what motivates us.

Guys like you and all the metalheads outside, that loves what we do , are the reason to do what we do. again and again.

Take care and keep the fire burn!”

The ambiguity of this bands members will remain, and we will continue to hear more stuff from them, perhaps in search of their identity. Let us not forget who forged the brutal melodic death metal, and keep listening to Across The Burning Sky, as soon they will bring you more tunes to do hair spirals, and mosh like a lunatic. Till then, raise your horns and keep metal alive, as Across The Burning Sky indicated, we make this scene stay alive keep burning.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

Check out This Brutal Song

Across The Burning SkyThe End Is Near– “Sacrifice”


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