Beheaded-Brain Mashing Aggression Unleashed in Beast Incarnate


From the Malta area, emerges a colossal band with cathartic sounds, Beheaded has brought us pain and death with their new album Beast Incarnate. The malevolent record was released via Unique Leader Records this past January 27th, recorded at MKII Recording Studio, mastered by Ronnie Bjornstrom at Enhanced Audio Productions Sweden. This record blasts infernal drums and furious guitar riffs as demonic vocals are sung.

The first track self titled- “Beast Incarnate”, is the beginning of a brutal attack to come. The versatility and speed on guitars is exactly what death metal should sound like. Bands like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse set the footprint for this genre, and since 1991, Beheaded has been forging aggressive tracks. With this album, the band sounds at a different level from what was done before. Their songs are relentless, a cry for blood bludgeons, with their each barbaric riff. The magnificent execution on both drums and guitars on track “The Horror Breathes” will keep you wanting more. The band ads brutality to each track and a fast tremolo rhythm unlike any other, with track “The Black Death”, an eight minute track which will keep you on edge, and deliver all the pain one can handle. There are riffs with such intensity in song “Fid-dlam Tadejiem” which will have you raging in the pit ruthlessly. Their range of death metal styles is profound, and each riff and drum pound will suffice as proof of this detrimental sound. A sound that is crisp, heavy and filled with horror. The anger conveyed in this death metal album will open a new can of worms.

Check out  “Punishment of The Grave” a track which will give you all the raw vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and amazing drum execution at the beginning only to build up that sound and punish your ears with mayhem. Malta has given us the mediterranean sound that will haunt your nightmares, providing that soundtrack to doomsday. Beheaded have done it again. The sounds of many years of influenced death metal are going to resonate in your walls, and Beheaded will rise in this brutal genre. 

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

Check this Brutal Track out:

Beheaded-Beast Incarnate-“Punishment of The Grave” 

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