Pestifer- Portuguese Extreme Death Metal Faction

For lovers of aggressive metal, extreme death metal and brutality you cannot miss the opportunity to make your ears bleed with this magnificent record by Pestifer. Pestifer will unleash a bloodbath of riffs and cymbals that will pierce your soul with their upcoming release of Execration Diatribes, via Lavadome Productions. The record will be unleashed on the international day of love, February 14th, make sure you take your date on a nice car ride blasting this brain pulping record. It will be a great way to show your love for that special someone they will probably want to marry you after this date.

pestifer-photo-500pxThe album is an inspiration from records like Hell Awaits, Morbid Vision and Black Force Domain; that energy is channeled in each track on this intense collection of sounds. The title track “Mars Exult” will initiate the maelstrom with some heavy drum blasts, furious and relentless by Diogo Pereira. As Pedro Silva growls his way in to the track he creates this killing spree with aggressive vocals, a bludgeon never heard before. This virtuoso shreds like the dark lords intended him to. Think of guitar riffs like Krisiun, mixed with Suffocation, and the speed of sound. A perfected skill that will evoke the darkest emotions out of that morbid soul you so claim to have. The bass, by Jorge Marinho is imminent on track “Brutal Eruption of Chaos”, it compliments the false harmonics on minute 1, which will have you head banging until your eyes fall off your hear and your vile corpse lands lifeless. The track has the feel of Cannibal Corpse early records like lets say Tomb of The Mutilated, a deadly combination to pervade your rancid ears. The manifestation of evil in its pure entity is written on the seven minute track titled- “Riding The Storms of Hate MMXVI”. This petrifying track will unravel hate, one that festered inside and with the mutilating riffs and throat slashing drums this is the highlight of the record. The only feeling you get as you meticulously listen to this track is anguish, depravation and of course metalhead’s favorite emotion, Hate!

Now do not go slaying the infidels, this will only make us another statistic, rejoice, headbang, and enamor that special someone with this brutal record. The Portuguese  trio have created a record to stand the test of times, and malefaction is its pure essence.

Reviewed by: Hostile Jo

Pedro Silva – Guitars and Vocals
Jorge Marinho – Bass
Diogo Pereira – Drums

1. March of the Dead Orchestra
2. Mars Exult
3. Brutal Eruption of Chaos
4. Dark Dimensions
5. Enslavement of God
6. Awaken by Death
7. Nothing Remains
8. Riding the Storms of Hate MMXVI
9. Confront Death

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