Signals of Bedlam Keeping The True Prog- Rock Alive

Hey metalheads, lovers of the weird and unaccepted, here is a band emerging from the dark streets of NYC; Signals of Bedlam. They have continuously toured New York best rock venues, and some Northeast regions, and they have unleashed a rebellious sound, similar to Peal Jam. However, their influences are derived from The Escape Dillinger Plan and The Mars Volta, so you will definitely  get a mixed of funky sounds in the prog-rock mix. Their track “Mass Appeal” has a great amount of guitar riffs and set a nostalgic sound, something like The Muse and dare we say the vocals set a catchy tone like Alice in Chains.

The guys have been working for four years on this music, improving as they play each venue in the East coast, and they can be radios’ next sensation. The instrumentation of each band member is a journey, and a skill they have all embraced with passion. You can hear the bass in track “The Void”, which has relentless drum beats and vocals that sound very familiar. (Maynard James Keenan). The guitars have a touch of metal in them with catchy melodies, a force to be reckoned.  In the track “Signals” their sound will levitate you off your ass and make you rock out, it is an exhilarating tune with hints of Tool’s vocals and definitely a Mars Volta sound influenced that has been perfected to create a furious rock band. Their album Escaping Velocity is a prog -rock sensation recorded, and mixed by Frank Mitaritonna at Vudu Studios who has worked with The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Dear Hunter, Glassjaw, and O’Brother, mastered with PaulGold at Salt Mastering who has polished up albums for LCD Sound system and Animal Collective, and has cover art created by K3N ( who has done the majority of the artwork for metal pioneers Lamb of God. But you be the judge, check out their sound and get a copy to rock out.

Reviewed by: Hostile Jo

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