Superjoint- Constant Aggression on Caught Up In The Gears Of Application

superjointgroupThe ten years hiatus by Superjoint Ritual were not an inert era, the brains of Philip Anselmo were grinding ideas and more. This year, 2016 has been a year that has brought us many album releases and bands, one of them is the new era of Superjoint, with Philip Anselmo up front leading the pack into the wilderness with anger and real lyrics, raw music and aggressive themes. The NOLA sound has been growing and this man along with the sludge sounds by EYEHATEGOD and GOATWHORE,among many are reinventing the riff. Superjoint has unleashed a brutal record titled Caught Up In The Gears of Application, a monster indeed. The First track slows you down from the get go, however as “Burning The Blanket” starts, you can hear the magnificent work by drummer Joey “Blue” Gonzalez, whose energy is striking and feeds the machine.

If you have not heard of Superjoint before, this is the time to pick up the right album for the holiday gifts, as “Ruin You” will definitely pump you up. The tracks are raw, and honest with a taste of anger in each guitar riff by Jimmy  Bower of EYEHATEGOD, and Kevin Bond of Christ Inversion tearing a new asshole on that filthy body of yours. The sound has impact, speed and the brutal assault is imminent. The self titled track “Caught Up In The Gears of Application” is the right medicine Dr. Metal recommended, it will ensure the mosh pit to be ravenous and mayhem will let loose. You will ask for mercy in the pit if you are not use to this type of mosh. However, if your vertebra is ready for the jerking your body will project, make sure you check out the track “Mutts Bite Too”, where the bass by Stephen Taylor initiates the aggressiveness.

The man him self, Philip Anselmo, has continuously surprised us musically. As Pantera ceased to exist, Philip went on to create his own amazing and brutal bands, Down, Superjoint, Scour and running his own record label Housecore Records. This man aggravates your hearing with his brutal vocals, and is the only way to be punished during a festive show. Philip Anselmo delivers power, raw energy and fury in the entire album. Each track on this perpetually aggressive album are an anthem to grinders, moshpitters if we may, and metal heads that want some potent music to get pumped up in their daily life. We had the chance to speak with Joey “Blue” Gonzalez and he gave us an insight on this killer sound and info on the future of Superjoint.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo




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