Mayhem To Sacrifice North American Souls with Black Anvil and Inquisition

mayhem1The arts of the dark realms were unleashed some years ago, when bands in the Nordic winds were summonsed to perpetuate evil across Europe. The music that erected from the crypts of death were vile, blasphemous and malicious; some even banned from their own country. The creation of Black Metal was the movement many Norwegian and satanic musicians took part of. Mayhem was one of those founders of the diabolical black metal riff which brings nothing but darkness to the world. On December 15th, 2016 Mayhem returns with what is known as that petrifying sound of black metal. All hell will let lose and shadows will cover the earth as De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive is freed from purgatory.

True black metal was composed in this album in 1994, it is an 8 track spell of darkness which you will succumb to. The opening track Funeral Fog rips your spine out with the ferocious drum blasts that pair up with the classic black metal riff which is melodic and ominous. The drums are serious cannons, all which were recorded live during the Black Chrismass Festival last year, it was the first time the record was played in full length. In conjunction to the release of this vile live record Mayhem will return to North America on January 20th, with their kick off show at Club Soda in Montreal, Quebec no better way to start this tour other than in a cold country.

The album is a milestone and trademark to what Mayhem is capable of doing. Freezing Moon has an eerie intro, derived from the abyss, as darkness descends upon us. Each song is intense as black metal can be, if you have heard this album you know well what I refer to as each song is packed with hate and great musicianship. As if it was not enough, the first 1000 copies are numbered, so make sure you pre-order your copy specially for those who love collecting great masterpieces conjured by the devil! The velocity of track Buried by Time and Dust creates an energy that allows metal heads to headbang relentlessly, and the evil will manifest darkness all around us, make sure you hail this band as we have and keep black metal alive. Hail Satan.

Review By: Hostile Jo

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