Dead Conspiracy- Magnificent Aggression Unleashed

dc_cover_hiThe Portland area has spawned a brutal band, Dead Conspiracy is their name and they are angry and ready to punish your ears. This band is Portland’s first ever death metal act, non of that sappy shit, this is pure adrenaline riff after riff. Are you a fan of Malevolent Creation and Morbid Angel, how about Death? Well these guys can play fast, viciously and will ensure the enemy lies on the ground with smashed brains. The track titled “In The Wake of The Butcher” is a  relentless beating, is imminent during each drum attack projected by Eric A, its a bludgeon of skulls. The tracks simply intensify as the album plays. Song titled-  “The Earth Rots in A Grave” is a  brutal track, relentless guitar riffs are played with a sickening guitar solo. Both Jeff Taylor and Chris Carey have meticulously constructed a paradise for the dead, aggression and debauchery, with each guitar riff that quenches the thirst for blood; Dead Conspiracy kills. Mike Abominator on vocals sounds like a rabid ghoul ready to take the first bite on that succulent piece of flesh, while the bass by Eric Dorsett amplifies the heaviness of this brutal act. The self titled album Dead Conspiracy is their first full EP and it is something you want to get your bloody hands on. The band takes you to the first stages of death metal, their sound is raw, powerful and a barrage of hate ready to be unleashed on the infidels. So head out and get this copy or order it online, raise hell as you play it.

Order your Copy HERE

Reported By: Hostile Jo




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