Metal De Mexico- Heavens Decay To Release The Great Void of Mystery

heavensdecaybandStraight from the south of the border, there is a band inspired by the NWOBHM and sounds incredible. Heavens Decay will unleash their overdrive metal album, The Great Void of Mystery, on no other special day than December 12th. For any Mexican reading this, they know its a symbolic day for religious people not that it has anything to do with the release, just noting that. If you are tired of some brutal creative bass slapping, no clean singing and need a night to mellow out with a joint, or brewskis make sure you pre-order this crucial album.

Headed by Julio Viterbo, who has an extensive career in the black metal world, Heavens Decay has the power chords Judas Priest and Iron Maiden mastered. I can respectfully compare this album tracks to Spanish band Angeles Del Infierno,  it has that same nostalgic metal sound. The guitars are majestically played in song titled “Born in Fire” while the drums and cymbals ( Oscar Clorio) take over your neck muscles and persuade them to jerk your head simultaneously. The track “Thunder of The Guns” has a classic guitar riff, the vocals (Nick Hernandez) fit perfectly with the entire musicianship and the rhythm  guitar riff is exceptional. The guitar has an eerie sound to it, giving a very interesting atmosphere to this mid tempo track. Once this track soothes you down, you will be hit with an Iron Maiden style riff on track “Ritual Site”, the scales played here are ridiculous, with that rock and roll overlap track.

Puro pinche, rock pesado! (Nothing but Heavy Rock)- If you want to keep headbanging, make sure you listen to “The Exile”, this track has a punch, and the speed classic heavy metal has, it takes you back to Saxon years, and some Chastain, make sure to check these Metaleros out as they will surely rock your world. This record was made possible in Chicago’s Minbal Studios, engineered by Matt Russell and mastered by Dan Swano in  Unsound studios in Sweden.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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