Scalpture- War, Tanks and Death- Panzerdoktrin out Now


If Death Metal is what you are looking for, well this German tanker will give it to you. Scalpture is a German based death metal band which started their role in war story telling and brutal music creation in 2009. There is never ending conflict in the world, and Scalpture makes sure to depict those stories with songs like “…Panzer Hooray!”  off their new album Panzerdoktrin is a A track that starts with a “hooray”, striking your ears with a vicious guitar riff and moves at the speed of bullets in the drum department. You want to headbang endlessly? Make sure to check out the guitar half way, it has tremolo rhythms that will guarantee you a sore neck. Their sound is similar to those of Kreator, with a bit more death metal riffs in it. The song titled “Lead From Ahead” has a heavy sound, and the vocals are grotesque, the bass adds the grenade explosion giving this track a heavier metal tone.

These guys will talk about artillery, tank rides, and bombings all great elements to a deadly strike in war. Their themes are simple and ones that have been covered by acts like Asphyx, Dismember, Entrails and Weak Aside. This album is their first full length and deserves recognition as the music is aggressive, perfectly executed and creative. The record was released by  Final Gate Records on December 1st. The best track off the album is Incursion, it is packed with relentless beats, and the vocals are gory. It contains a melodic guitar solo that has emotion, an ominous feeling is felt as you listen to this track. War, explosions and well death is all inevitable during these times of hate, and devastation. This record covers all aspects of war, make sure to get your copy.

Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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Scalpture- Lead From Ahead- Panzerdoktrin


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