Permacrush- Tearing it Up



Permacrush is on the rise, they are crushing stages. If you like the sounds Sound Garden, and Alice in Chains make sure to check these dudes out. Their Rock n Roll sounds are rooted back to bands like those that created the prog rock sound like Alice in Chains and vocally their style is very rhythmical. Check out the track “I Can’t Sleep” it’s an upbeat song that will have you dancing during a rock n roll filled night. Other tracks like Tiny Little Pieces has the hard rock riffs one can go back in time to high school during those ugly moments trying to fit in and suddenly you hear this song, it will make you feel accepted by this world of outcasts. Check them out when they are playing next and make sure to head and support this band.

Photos By: Robert De Anda

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cropped-cropped-rockbrary-15.jpg  ©Rockbrary LLC All Rights Reserved
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