Chariots Of The Gods- Canada’s Best Metal Yet

chariots-of-the-gods-au-group3The expected is usually a reminder that people are conforming, that the end will be the same. Yes, metal repeats it self, as many new bands are influenced by the older ones, or shall we say the founders of multiple styles. From death metal to thrash, all metal sounds have an influence, and if you like the sounds of In Flames, Trivium and Dark Tranquility you will definitely enjoy the Chariots Of The Gods. Theses guys have melodic guitar riffs, and those hammering riffs that add more dynamic sounds similar to Dark Tranquility and In Flames. In their new album Ages Unsung, the guitar riffs are brutal, with the pick shipping melodic riffs by Mathieu St- Amour and Rock Deziel along with the clean singing soon after the raw growls by Christian Therien. The drums are the best introduction to the track “As The Sky Falls”, by David Gravel and the bass by Payam Doryani gives a sound of giant proportions to this track.

chariots-of-the-gods-ages-unsung-album-coverThe album gets heavier and faster as the album keeps spinning. If you want a song with more impact over speed, check out Resurrection, this track has all the elements Trivium projects in their sound. The vocals resemble those of Matt Heafy, while the instrumentation of the talented compliment each other. There is a small breakdown in minute 2:10 but it is more of a bridge to an atmospheric guitar riff, setting the stage for a ingenious guitar solo. We will dare to push the boundaries and say this band is a great band coming out of Canada, also one that happened to tour Cuba, despite all the communist stuff going on there. Nonetheless, their sound is crisp, and the entire sound waves will make you sway side to side in the metal ballad titled “Through Darkness and Decay”. This song is about failure and a broken heart, self inflicted emotional pain. Now listen to the next track, “Into Oblivion”, a faster heavier track filled with melodic riffs, and amazing drum work. Chariots of The Gods need to tour in The U.S. make sure you get a load of this album, and check them out when ever they come to your local venues.

Chariots Of The Gods– “As The Sky Falls”- Ages Unsung

Chariots Of The Gods On Tour

Dec 2 – Ottawa, ON – Cafe Dekcuf
Dec 3 – Buckingham, QC – Bar Le Windsor
Dec 9 – Quebec, QC – La Source De La Martiniere – info
Dec 10 – Sherbrooke, QC – Bar Le Magog – info
Dec 16 – Drummondville, QC – Pub Heriot
Dec 17 – Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC – Studio 35 – info
* = without Pronostic

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