Scattered Hamlet: Debut Album- Swamp Rebel Machine

sh-tracksThe overdrive sounds from an all American  band is a invitation to a wild night and some bad decisions. Scattered Hamlet just dished out their debut full length album; and if you want some Southern groovy rock with a touch of doom, make sure to get their release of Swamp Rebel Machine. This album has songs titled “White Trash”, a rock and roll anthem to those ready to rock out with their cocks out. This band does not care about the context of songs being racy, or classic American Folk rock, they play a mean guitar (Adam Newell and Adam Joad), making any rocker out there dance with the groove each track has. If you have heard the Black Keys’ first two albums, this band has that sound, with a hint of doom metal. Yea two different genres but the blues rock and swampy sounds are derived from their Southern influences. Richard on vocals has a catchy raspiness, and writes songs like “Outlaw Breed”, a mellow rock and roll blues that will have you rocking in your chair as the sunsets and the moonshine is abundant.

If you are looking for some faster sludge rock make sure to check out the track titled “Stonewall Jackson”, it has a killer overtone to it, and fast drums by Jake Delling Le Bas. The  Bass by Richard Erwin is noticeable and gives that deeper sound to each track. This powerful album will render a dull night into a fierce party, with beer, women dancing, man riding their Harley’s and suited up in leather.  The album was produced by two time Grammy nominated producer Jason Dinghy (Rob Zombie, John 5) and mastered by legend Howie Weinberg (Pantera, Slayer, White Zombie and Danzig). If you are a hell rider and love to go out on the road looking for that adrenaline make sure to catch this band live in their upcoming shows. All in all this honky tonk blues rock band is a great act to catch, but make sure you get your copy of their cd to sing along during their shows.

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