Illyrian- Calgary Based Thrash Metal That will Rip Your Spine Out

illyrianILLYRIAN is the name of these thrash metal malefactors, spawned in Calgary, Canada where the metal scene is heavy and usually unspoken of. However theses guys have blistering solos that will make you headbang until your head falls off. They  unleashed their new album titled Round 2 Fight! it is a complete neck breaker. Their sound is similar to that of Death Angel, the bay area thrashers, and the speed of each guitar riff reminds you of why metal is the best genre there is. The virtuoso guitarists Scott Onofrychuk and Brandon McNeil, give you powerful guitar riffs, creating an atmosphere only a metal head can dream of. The nice guitar hammering and palm muted sounds will make track like “Round 2: Fight!” as heavy as brass balls. The clean vocals which transition to the gore are very creative and remind you a bit of Mark Osegueda in the clean aspect.

The band is creating their own furious sound, like song “Opulent & Imperial” has a great tremolo guitar riff that adds a brutal rhythm to the track, not as fast as the first two tracks but the impact is there. The vocals by Brandon and Jeff Perry (backup vocals) are diabolical right before the solo that is shredtastic. The drum work by Darren May makes this band a furious fiend, double pedals, rhythm and brutality is portrayed at you with track “Sound of the Serpent Siren”, it has speed in the drums that will certainly start a mosh; jawbreaking mosh pits will breakout in the crowd as the guitar and drums kick in minute 2:00 a delirious hammering and technical style is imminent during this track. The bass (Jeff Perry),comes in powerful during this track too in minute 3:10, where is does a duo with the drums and a nice bridge that will lead to an astounding guitar solo. I can keep going about this track as it has a lot to offer, but the album itself is a monster of a release.

The album was co-produced by the band with Casey Lewis at Echo Base Studios plus mastered by Sacha Laskow at Perfect Fifth Studios. Make sure to get this barrage of riffs and brutal display of thrash metal, as Illyrian is simply starting with their menacing sounds that will rule the metal world.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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