Bangladeafy- Sounds To Melt Your Mind

bangladeafy“If you want to get some melting sounds in the metal genre that are a bit distinct from the normal, check out Bangladeafy. Their sound is unique, it mixes a bass that is constantly emanating transcending notes. The atmosphere in the track titled “Termites” is a mind fuck percussion of sounds that are fast and chasing one another. The Duo that created this track is cohesively putting music together for the love of sound, brutality and rhythm.” 

Hostile Jo

The band has released Narcopaloma on CD and digital formats through the band’s cohorts at Nefarious Industries on August 26th.

The origin of the BANGLADEAFY moniker fuses the Bangladeshi descent of drummer Atif Haq with the physical hearing impairment of bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers, as he along with two sisters were been born with sensorineural hearingloss. The duo interlopes endless runs and rhythms with intense time changes and otherworldly texture with utter seamlessness. Closing a three-year gap since The Briefcase EP left jaws swinging, the duo slams back onto the grid with Narcopaloma. The record is drenched in the synth elements that have permeated the outfit’s prior works, including segues bridging each track, and while BANGLADEAFY songs are largely instrumental already, Narcopaloma is virtually void of any vocals. Narcopaloma was engineered and mixed by Jonathan Vergara at Pancake Studios, with Atif Haq’s drums having been recorded by Mike Gatto, and all bass, samplers, and keys tracked by the band’s Jon Ehlers.

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