ONI-Melodic, Raw and Experimenting with A Xylo-Synth

shindov_oni_0571-620x398Are you ready for some blistering guitar solos, a xylo-synth and aggressive drum blasts? Well ONI will bring the pain touring and solidifying their spot in the metal community, they are a band you do not want to miss and check out their melodic metal. Their new album Ironshore will be released on later this fall, and you can check out the music video to their earlier release of the track, “Eternal Recurrence”, a apocalyptic video with location at the Cayman Islands. This coming Saturday  they will destroy the Bay Area, in Santa Rosa as part of their Road to The Ozzfest tour, and we will bring you exclusive coverage of the show. Make sure to tune in and get your copy of their amazing album this fall.

ONI online:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/theoniband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theoniband

Instagram: https://instagram/theoniband

YouTube: https://youtube.com/theoniband

One thought on “ONI-Melodic, Raw and Experimenting with A Xylo-Synth

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