Mist Of Misery: The Sounds of Sorrow and Solitude

Mist of Misery, the name warns you of a musical voyage in the dark world known as black metal. Swedish Symphonic Black Metal was recorded by Mist of Misery, their second full length album entitled Absence from Black Lion Records. The ambiance in this album remanences the symphonies of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth and the guitars are melodic to the core. The album contains a depressive theme, in hopes to inspire melancholia and with the aim at introducing listeners to a more melodic, symphonic black metal.

band-photoThe track “Paragon of Perdition” starts with a nice acoustic guitar riff, which is completely subdued by the majestic sound of a symphonic orchestration, and a beautiful malevolent guitar riff blast your face off. The song eases your mind as your soul levitates mid air, throwing your body in a whirl of misery, where the silence is louder than your thoughts. Projected by this catastrophic song, a monolith of sounds, the “Paragon of Perdition” is a slow death amidst fog, cold winter, and sorrow. The self titled song “Mist of Misery” is a prolific track, the epitome of emptiness, and gateway to the darkest thoughts during one’s obscure life.

Unleash the darkness, and obscure thoughts as you listen to this mind twisting album, as your soul abandons your putrid existence. In a state of catatonia, you will hear Mortuz Denatus unraveling his serpent tongue projecting vile words of sorrow, while he blasts those furious heart rupturing cannons. Meanwhile On guitar and bass, Phlegathon will savage your miserable empty cavity with majestic riffs and music tones seduced by darkness. There will be moments of serenity during this album, only to be disrupted by the symphonic sounds and black metal hymns. The record was released on August 31st, and this is a must in your record collection.

Get you copy here- https://mistofmiseryblacklion.bandcamp.com/album/absence

Here is a taste of Mist of Misery

Mist of Misery- “Mist of Misery”- Absence

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