Inanimate Existence: Kick OFF Tour


9/09/2016 Third Street Pub – Bend, OR
9/10/2016 50 West (Fifty Pub & Grub) – Salem, OR
9/12/2016 The Raven – Portland, OR
9/13/2016 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
9/14/2016 The Hindenburg  – Vancouver, BC
9/15/2016 Johnny B’s – Medford, OR
9/16/2016 Alturas Bar And Nightclub – Reno, NV
9/17/2016 Red House – Walnut Creek, CA
9/18/2016 The X Bar – Cupertino, CA

Inanimate Existence’s upcoming release is a mind bending third full length album Calling For  A Dream. The band keeps pushing their ability to create tech death metal with ferocious guitar sweeps and gory vocals (Taylor Wientjes). The track “Shore of Rising Shadows” which is the third track gives you a deep slash in the abdomen with killer guitar solos (Joel Guernsey, Cameron Porras) and magnificent drum work (Ron Casey). This is a sound defying track, and the creativity, and technicality is like none other. Calling for a dream has soothing sounds, right when you are about to relax you get your face blown away with the power of the bass (Scott Bradley), and clean whimsical vocals by Adriana Tentori, and she continues to elevate your soul during the heaviest parts of the entire album. Just when you thought you were broken down by all the heavy distortion, and aggression portrayed at you, Adriana lifts you up with her angelic voice.

iepromoBe ware of track “Dreaming of New Beginnings”, as it will transport you in a cosmical journey, with the ambiance you would want to hear as you travel across galaxies. The album has all a metalhead would want, heavy drums, the right guitar bridges, with crazy pick sweeping, grotesque vocals, and a bass that resonates during the clean vocals. It is an evolution of tech death metal, you can have all the extreme death metal you want but this sound is clean, and carries a plethora of eerie fast tones. The album will be released on on September 16th via Unique Leader Recordsss, and we encourage all fans of the brutal scene to pick up a copy.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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