Underground Violence in a 7″ split By Sunlight’s Bane and Geist

SB promoRapid drums, guitars and rabid howls are the sounds of the 7” split of Sunlight’s Bane and Geist. These two vicious powers are going to terrorize your ears with songs like “Spoke The Cancerous Void” – Sunlight’s Bane. They have a black metal influence with touches of hardcore punk, not something to fool around with.

GeistThe fast death core cut throat guitar riffs come straight from the gutter in England, manifested by Geist. The track “Gold Sores” is a catalyst for a slam that will surely leave some folks with broken noses. That imminent aura, which can be felt in graveyards, is blasted out of amplifiers and drums with malevolent rage. Seeing Red Records have teamed up with German record Label and distribute Wooaaargh, and Vetala Productions from the UK to seduce death with the emerging sounds of the underground in this split 7” D-Beta/ Grind attack, out September 16th, 2016. This nonstop aggressive barrage of hate is the soundtrack to the violent world we live in now, so make sure you get a copy of this brutal split.

PREORDERS for N.America are available now :https://seeingredrecords.bandcamp.com/album/split-7-w-geist

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