Sabaton- The Last Stand- War For the World


From the era of the Persian invasion of Sparta, to the battle that ended the 20th century wars, Sabaton has eloquently described those historic moments. Their album, The Last Stand has crossed borders, and travelled back in time to teach you tales of war, blood shed and honor. Sabaton has been writing battle and war depicting metal since 1999, and do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. You can hear Swedish metal sounds that will inspired any metal head to read a book or two in order to understand the song- “Sparta”. “Sparta” is a track about, well… the Persian invasion of Sparta, some centuries ago, a synthetic keyboard that gives more power to this track and amazing cannons are what give life to the battle depictions in this song.  Sabaton goes back to the Scottish bloodshed, in the track “Blood of Bannockburn”, a battle that took place in 1314, war of independence between kingdoms of Scotland and England.

If war, and battles are a topic that interests you, make sure to get this world war history album. Packed with amazing vocals by Joakim Broden. Both guitarists are amazing in the entire album, where you can hear solos that will make your skin crawl.The track- “Hill”, is a vicious attack to your throat with a killer drum sequence, and heavy bass (Par Sundstrom). The guitar riff at the introduction warns you of a fast tempo song coming your way. The drums in each song are grenades exploding, all handled by Hanned Van Dahl.

War, what is it for? Sabaton has the answer, to write about it in heavy metal style and teach the world of wars that are otherwise silent to the rest of the us. Lets call this record the war  audio textbook every history class should have. Forget history books, play this record in each period and quiz the students on it. For a filed trip check out Sabaton’s tour dates here and make sure to get your field trip slip signed. Raise the horns and get your war gear ready as you listen to this nostalgic record.


Take a Listen to Sabaton- “Shiroyama”- The Last Stand

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