Swamp Witch- This is What Rituals are All About.

Drugs, dark rituals and sludge metal has pervaded your stereo, and Swamp Witch gives your the trippiest music yet. The sounds of mutilation, and tormented souls have emerged from the West Coast in Central Valley and trickling into Oakland California. This heavy act, known as Swamp Witch is a dark sound, eminent and they manage to give you a sense of doom like no other band has. On September 9, 2009 the band set their minds on heavy sounds, and went  on recording their hallucinogenic ritualistic record titled The Slithering Bog by 2014. This heavy record has more doom metal in it than three bands put together. The sounds of the guitar are slow, heavy and ready to smash your brains out. Meanwhile the drums, adding that sludge tempo will push your mind to the worlds of the unimaginable truth, the coils of serpents will tighten as you hear the growls and will be suffocating at each blast. The only imaginable thing is what you hear in this cult, drugged up record.    


If metal is not your drug, we guarantee you this macabre sound will make you their slave. Make sure to turn the lights off and blast this ritualistic anthem, as you will embark in a trip to another dimension, where hooded men and women will welcome you, dancing and head banging to songs like “Strange Cult”. This song has dynamite in each drum, and the growls set the dark ambiance, not giving a fuck how relaxed you will be, the sound will lift your soul and enter a trance. The record was captured on July 24th at Earhammer Studios in Oakland California, by Greg Wilkinson and mastered at Trakworx in San Francisco by Justin Weiss. Tribunal of the Axe released the dark sounds in vinyl format, while Transylvanian Tapes did the cassette format. It is all about the psychedelic sounds and occult practices that this album projects at you. Do you want to hear dark sludge metal, well look no further, this is the most swampy, sacrificial and black arts requiem you have stumbled upon. 

Check out Their sound at Decibel Magazine

Hail Swamp Witch:



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