Bent Sea- Dirk Verbeuren’s Passion For Music

Bent Sea AscendGrindcore is a tunnel filled with twists and turns, ambitious guitar riffs and a touch of prog sounds all in one. The band Bent Sea featuring Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Megadeth) was created in 2011. This brutal machine is driven by the love and passion for extreme music. The precision on all guitar riffs is breathtaking, and gear you up for a brutal moshpit. In 2014 the band released their split EP with Unsurpress a riveting compilations of metal sounds. The vocalist Sven De Caluwe of Aborted gives you the right projection of brutal lyrics. Meanwhile on a fast speedy bass, Shane Embury adds the depth this album was aiming for. Their album Ascend was released last July 22nd, forging a brutal atmosphere, and ravenous execution. The track “Cage Cruelty” brings awareness to the animal mistreatment out in this vile world. It is an aggressive putrified attack to your ears. Be sure to keep your ears opened. Let your body jerk to the issues brought up on this killer cut throat EP. The EP was released via Give Praise Records, look for your copy now. 

To Dust is another act you will find in your grindcore radar. This act is brutal, and a punch in the throat with out warning. The drums are handled by Zach Gibson, of The Black Dahlia Murder giving you that stimulant you need to fuck things up. You have a turmoil vocally (Joe Reed) and anger in the guitar riffs (Thomas Haywood Jr), this album, Descend, is the chemical balance between an atomic bomb and a possible nuclear meltdown. The explosions on the bass are heavy, while the gory vocals expel vermin at you. Check out the split EP of these two bands and make sure you are ready to head bang. This is what Thomas Haywood JR. had to say about this masterpiece-

“Dirk [Verbeuren] and myself have discussed working together at some capacity for the last 6 years or so. That day has finally come…We are both very excited to announce the alliance between our respective Grind outfits, Bent Sea and To Dust. Give Praise Records will be releasing the collaboration as a spilt 12″ vinyl available in random colors. Brace your ears for a musically violent offering from 2 bands loaded with experience in extreme music. Current and ex-members of Napalm Death, Aborted, Soilwork,Abigail Williams, Black Dahlia Murder, andPhobia make up the collective roster for both bands. Prepare for Grindcore Armageddon!”

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