Barb Wire Dolls- The Sound of Punk!

Black_and_white_bio_photo_high_res_by_Enzo_MazzeoPunk rock kids have always been the different type of students in school, and a band named Barb Wired Dolls is the sound for those “different personalities”. Barb Wired Girls are straight modern punk with a touch of the late 70’s. The sound of the Sex Pistols and Black Flag resonate in songs like “Take Me Home”, where the tempo will hype you up as you jump and kick slowing down to a smooth skank. The band was created in the midst of the Greece ruins, and economical crisis. None the less this punk band managed to focus and write an epic spirit lifter of an album, Desperate, where riffs slow down and speed up to make you loose your shit.

The feeling you get when you watch those teen movies where the outcast kid realizes he needs this music to be different, is the same sensation you will get while you listen to this energizing record. The Record is out now via UDR Music in Cd and Vinyl make sure to get your copy of this contagious rebellious punk sound.

Their upbeat punk is out now Via:

iTunes – Digital Download

Amazon – Digital Download

Amazon – Vinyl LP or CD


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