Cognitive- Has Found a Home with Unique Leader Records

The East coast has spawned, Cognitive, a death metal outfit that will tear up new gateways to hell. This band is intense and has signed up with Unique Leader Records, kings of extreme death metal, for their second full-length album. The record is expected to be release later this fall, perhaps in time for Halloween, or a X-Mas present who knows. The album titled – Deformity, was recorded at Force Full Studio by Joe Cincotta (Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized). It mastered at West West Side Studios by Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Converge, Black Breath, Mastodon et al), and boasts nine tracks of unrepentant heaviness.


If you look at the production, the sound you will be receiving is nothing short of brutal, decapitating and extreme death metal. The band is talented and with the aid of such production this album will definitely have you blasting it in your audio console.

“We poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this album,” the band elaborates, “and the emotion really came through within the songs as well as our approaches to each song. It’s a concept album based around New Jersey’s folklore, but we still left it open for some interpretation.”
Stay tuned for more news in the forthcoming weeks, and get ready for an epic release by Cognitive. Spawned in 2011

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