Metallica Back to The Front!!! New album Info, and new track out -“Hardwired”

What just fU*$!ng happened? Metallica released their new track titled -“Hardwired” we have heard the song close to 50 times since it was out. Yea, keep hating on the last two album, or what not but this track is classic thrash metal by Metallica. The album is set to be released in November it is a double header. A two disc album that will most likely take you on a trip to memory lane with the thrash metal sounds Metallica was intended to purvey. The album Hardwired…To Self-Destruct is out November 18th.. Metallica fans are headbanging to this songs all over the world. This is what the old school Metallica fans have been waiting for, patiently. The metal scene has evolved and during that change, this track is a reminder where metal came from. You can now resume to talking trash if you may, but I would not as this seems like the resurrection of the good old bay area thrashers Metallica. This songs seriously took me back to my first time seeing them at the Summer Sanitarium 2003, the chills took over my body. Check this track out!!!


Thank you Youtube!!!!


Stay tuned for more news!!!

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